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The 3D Model Reviews are conducted to ensure that the plant design conforms to the customer’s project requirements.  The review is carried out in accordance with sound engineering practice to ensure that all the following requirements are met:

  • Process
  • Safety
  • Constructability
  • Budget
  • Operability
  • Maintainability


The 3D Model Reviews are the primary means of reviewing the:

  • Plant layout
  • Design compliance
  • Confirmation of compliance to the P&ID’s


The 3D Model Reviews are of critical importance to the success of a project.  They typically replace the traditional Squad Checks and eliminate the interpretation of:

  • General arrangement drawings
  • Piping plans and elevations
  • Pipe support locations
  • Structural plans and details
  • Cable tray plans and elevations
  • Instrumentation layouts


It is therefore important that all relevant disciplines participate in the Model Reviews and resolution of issues raised in the Model Review Report.


3DDraughting applies a typical 3 staged approach to model development.
Stage 1:
Stage 1 typically refers to 0% to approximately 30% model completion and could include the following:

  • General room/clean room/plant layout
  • Major equipment locations
  • Lifting beams/hoists
  • Agreed space reserve volumes
  • Access and egress for operability, maintainability, and constructability
  • Material and personnel movement
  • Piping materials specification
  • All large bore piping and stress critical lines that may effect equipment location
  • Representative systems/processes that will be duplicated throughout models.
  • Typical pump piping system
  • Typical safety shower
  • Typical utility station
  • Typical control valve assembly
  • Typical In-line and on-line instruments
  • Main cable trays/space reserves
  • Underground system layout
  • HVAC primary layout
  • Existing plant completeness and accuracy
  • Prelim pipe stress analysis of critical large bore piping

Stage 2 typically refers to ±30% to ±70% model completion and could include the following:

  • Stage 1 review actions complete
  • All Process, utility and service piping, 80mm (3 Inch) diameter and above. Individual projects are required to specify the applicable diameter
  • Critical in-line and on-line instruments
  • All Instrument panels and junction boxes
  • All HVAC components
  • Active fire protection system
  • Process/Stress critical line
  • Final pipe stress analysis of critical large bore piping

Stage 3 typically refers to ±70% to approximately 90% model completion and could include the following:

  • Stage 2 review actions complete
  • Refine material lists
  • Finalise equipment models with as procured data
  • Finalise plot plan
  • Finalise equipment layout
  • Finalise piping and support modelling
  • Finalise civil modelling
  • Finalise structural modelling
  • Finalise electrical modelling
  • Finalise HVAC modelling
  • Finalise instrumentation modelling
  • Incorporate final model review notes and verify with client lead
  • Final pipe stress of all piping could include prelim report

The last 10% of the model completion is done with a small dedicated team which could include the client. This team ensures that all items raised in the stage 3 review are closed out.

On completion, the client signs off the model prior to the extraction of detailed construction drawings and material takeoffs.

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