Project Name:
LPG Import and Storage Terminal, Saldanha Bay

Jacobs Matasis (2013 -2014)
Aveng EPC (2015 – 2016)
Sunrise Energy (2016 – 2017)

Project Owner:
Sunrise Energy

Project Location:
Saldanha, Western Cape, South Africa

Software Utilised:
Field Supervisor
Navigator Mobile
ProjectWise Explorer Mobile

Man Hours:
13 500 CADD
24 000 Engineering

“From a financing and equity process perspective, bankers have generally had a very poor visual appreciation of projects. Our experience is that a plant designed in full 3D provides financiers and investors more confidence in the project and lowers their risk adversity.”

Barthlo Harmse
Managing Director Sunrise Energy

3DDraughting was appointed by Jacobs Matasis in August 2013 to produce a facility 3D Model which included the full mechanical piping design for the Sunrise Energy Saldanha LPG Import and Storage Facility, located in the port of Saldanha Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.

The terminal is an open-access terminal, accessible to all qualifying LPG importers, wholesale distributors, traders or industrial LPG users.

LPG are imported via ships, which makes use of the new Multi-Buoy Mooring facility (MBM) based in Big Bay, Saldanha, for ship mooring and offloading. From the MBM, LPG will be transferred via a 3000 m subsea and 2000 m buried overland pipeline to the pressurised mounded storage bullets located at the terminal.

The terminal has storage capacity of 5,500 tons, comprising five mounded storage bullets (7 m diameter x 60 m long each). The facility has a maximum throughput capacity of 17,500 tpm to meet the current and short term market demands for LPG.

The facility is designed for the importation of LPG, Commercial Propane or Commercial Butane and will allow for blending of the product to specification, vessel-to-vessel transfers and dispatch utilising transfer pumps and finally dispatching product to three road tanker loading stations in a common gantry.

Sunrise Energy concluded the contract with Jacobs Matasis at the end of the Basic Design phase in August 2014.

Sunrise Energy directly appointed 3DDraughting for a 3 month period to update and convert the P&ID’s to intelligent diagrams while the detail design phase of the project was put out to tender.  Aveng EPC was appointed by Sunrise Energy to complete the detail design phase of the project and they in turn appoint 3DDraughting in July 2015 to complete the 3D Model and generate all the construction drawings for the terminal.  Aveng EPC was restructured in April-May 2016 and retrenched the staff working on the detail design.  This also meant that 3DDraughting’s contract ended at the end of June 2016.

The Sunrise Energy project was in distress as the detail design had not been completed and construction had already started on site.  3DDraughting entered into discussions with the client to take over the design and detail engineering phases of the project as well as provide the engineering support team during construction and commissioning of the plant.  3DDraughting was appointed at the end of June 2016 for a period of 1 year to provide the staff compliment to complete the facility.  A team of 15 engineering staff fulfilled the project disciplines which included Process, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Procurement and Expediting and CADD.

During our engagement we wrote SHEQ Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures and Commissioning Procedures for Sunrise Energy.  The facility was successfully commissioned on 29 May 2017 on time and in budget.