Our Specialization

3D Plant Layout Design

We design
3D Plants using
Customer P&IDs

We don’t need you to hold our hands, you give us the following:

  • AFD P&IDs
  • Detail on what equipment you are buying
  • Standards to follow

We will do the rest…

On projects where drawings are sold onto an end user our service integrates with yours and we produce our deliverables to your standards with your templates. The end user should not know the difference.


Completed Project

3D Plant Layout Design


To ensure the complete integration of all engineering disciplines in a project the following aspects are draughted in 3D

  • architectural
  • civil
  • structural steel
  • mechanical
  • piping
  • electrical
  • instrumentation
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)


The 3D model is checked for interference using all disciplines and after a clash free status has been confirmed, construction drawings will be generated.

The client’s design requirements are evaluated continuously in a visual environment. Operating and maintenance space requirements are shown visually and are included in clash detection analysis.

3DDraughting can use client developed piping specifications or develop piping specifications in conjunction with the client’s project team.  Our piping specification will be accompanied by all required ASME calculations.

As soon as the preliminary routing and pipe support design has been completed; the data set is exported and analysed using CEASAR or AutoPIPE Advanced.  Stress Analyses can also be done by the Customer.

The following data from the P&ID will be transferred to the 3D model:

  • line size
  • line specification
  • line number
  • valve & fitting numbers
  • valve & fitting sizes
  • equipment numbers
3D Plant Model Review


Regular informal reviews and a formal review will be held with the Customer.

The purpose of the informal reviews is to share progress and resolve issues with the Customer as well as to give the Customer the opportunity to affect the actual plant layouts.

The purpose of the formal model review is to freeze the 3D model prior to the creation of any construction deliverables.

The focus of these reviews is typically the following:

  • Process integrity and integration
  • Cost effectiveness of the design
  • Constructability
  • Operability
  • Safety


Once the 3D Model is accepted by the Customer, 3DDraughting will generate the following construction ready drawings:

  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Sectional and Detailed View Drawings
  • Equipment Location Plans
  • Support Location Drawings
  • Support Detail Drawings
  • Automatic Isometric Drawings
  • Material Lists